Health and Lifestyle Expos

Who benefits from a Health & Lifestyle Expo?

When planning a Health & Lifestyle Expo, everyone’s interests are taken to heart… And when that happens, everyone benefits: Brokers, Employers, Employees and Exhibitors alike! Our motto is, “We do the work to make you look good.”

Who will I see at an Expo?

Glad you asked. You can always count on seeing a wide variety of different interactive & educational exhibitors.

Each event varies based on our Hosts wish list as well as their needs and desires. Hence, custom-tailored events each and every time…

Each exhibitor is there because they choose to be, thus creating an atmosphere high in energy as well as enthusiasm…

Farmers Market Displays

A farmers market display is a beautiful centerpiece for your expo. Employees can enjoy fruits and veggies as a snack or take them home to add to a healthy dinner.

Infused Water Hydration Station

The hydration station features water infused with fruits and offers your employees a healthy option to stay hydrated.

Energy Bite Demo

A quick lesson on how to make a no-cook healthy snack that’s great for road trips with the family, bike rides and more. Attendees can taste a sample and take a recipe home to make them on their own.

Plant-a-Seed Sustainability Booth

Become inspired to grow your own fruits and veggies when you plant a seed and take home your own little piece of the environment! We educate attendees on how to garden successfully at home.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Demo

Come enjoy small-batch smoothies made right in front of you. Kale and greens go into the blender with other fresh ingredients and are transformed into a delicious smoothie. Employees will enjoy samples and take-home recipes.

Berry Cones

Fresh Berry Cones

We prepare and serve your employees fresh fruit cones with a dab of whipped cream, giving them an idea for a healthy dessert that their friends and family will rave about.

Healthy Food Sampling or Catered Lunch

We’ll gladly coordinate a healthy food sampling or catered lunch for your employees to enjoy during the event. We can work from ‘go-to’ staples or any ideas or suggestions that you might have.

Health Screenings

We can set up for a variety of health screenings, some free and some which may require an additional investment or minimum number of screenings to arrange. We can discuss these screens based on the size of your event.